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Recovery Warrior 

Welcome to our team member enrollment, in order to qualify as a member all you have to do is show up sober and follow a few simple rules.


 Be respectful of others. Our motto is “You rise by lifting others” kindness, tolerance, patience are what we expect from our members.  


1. Demeaning comments or belittling aimed at others will not be accepted. No sexual comments toward others will be tolerated.


2. No violent behavior will be permitted at any event toward any person, If someone exhibit’s aggressive behavior it will lead to not being permitted to future events.


3. Remember we are all in this together if you need assistance with anything please refer to one of our staff members for guidance. While we are not Doctors we will do our best to get you the right answers.


4. Children are welcome at most of our events, there are a few that have age related restriction so it’s up to you to make sure before you attend that kids are able to participate. Please remember we do not have a daycare program so you will be expected to attend to your children.

5. All Members are asked to donate $25.00 monthly fee. 

(This is not a requirement just a request) 


By joining AIS you understand and agree to the hold harmless agreement.   

By Checking the "I AGREE"  box  you  agree to follow the terms set above and failure to abide by the set rule will result termination of your membership.

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