Meet your hosts

We are a team of people you can put your trust in, and we are passionate about helping others!  While we are not Doctors or counselors, we are people that care about you and your recovery.

We have a certain level of understanding about addiction and the primary need to stay clean. We hope to offer an environment that is not only clean but also supportive.  That's why we started A.I.S. We firmly believe one key component to staying sober is having fun and making new friends (i.e. developing healthy relationships) with others who are on the same path

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Tamara Nielsen

Tamara Nielsen is a mother of an addict, as well as a business woman. She has managed, owned and operated many successful companies. It was the combination of  these two backgrounds that formulated the idea of Adventures in Sobriety.  

Gary King 
Vice President 

Gary King is a Business owner and recovering addict.  He understands the difficulties in overcoming addiction. He is passionate about helping people overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol.  

Stefanie Price 
Event Coordinator

Stefanie Price is the mother of two beautiful children. She is also a recovering addict and has a great understanding of the importance and need for people to come together and enjoy just hanging out. She realized having fun is a vital part of recovery and wants to help as many people discover the path back to having good clean fun.

Become a volunteer 

Come be apart of what makes us tick. We are always looking for people to help put our events together.