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Adventures In Sobriety is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people that have suffered with addiction. We are committed to providing a sober place for people to get connected. 

Addiction has touched us all. We feel it's time to take a stand and stop treating people that suffer from this horrible affliction like they are criminals and start treating them like humans.

We understand that it's hard work to overcome addiction and there needs to be a balance for playtime.


 In our society we have mistakenly set a stage where using alcohol and drugs has become a right of passage into adulthood. Unfortunately, many have become dependent and struggle with getting sober. Some have found this a means of escape from pain. No matter what the the avenue taken, we want to assist you in the healing process back to sobriety, through a means of good clean fun. We pride ourselves in creating a place where you can have fun and not think about the past but take a moment and remember who you were before addiction and move into the new life you're creating for yourself 

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We are always looking for new ideas to have fun, some of the awesome things you'll experience with us are , picnics at the lake, movie night, bowling, girls night out, just the guys getting together, zip lining & many more. if you have ideas feel free to contact us. 



Our sponsor are made up of many different sources. The one thing that brings them together is the desire to be a  part of helping our community stay clean.  




At Adventures in Sobriety we offer a space for you and your family to enjoy a good time on us we believe you've worked hard to escape the chains of addiction and we want to give you a place to celebrate,

but we can't do this without the support of others. Find out how you can help. 


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